The Football Association of the Principality of Seborga has celebrated its anniversary on May the 6th.

Federazione Seborga Anniversario


Many thanks to everyone for the messages received on the occasion of the anniversary of our Federation! Yesterday we participated with great joy at the first edition of the Western Liguria Football Galà and we had the honor to reward the best midfielder of the season in the local italian championship Nicholas Costantini (from S.S. Argentina Arma di Taggia) and our historical collaborator Marco Tumino. Many thanks to the organizer Calcio Flash Ponente! We congratulate them for the fantastic work they are doing. From Sanremo Casino Theatre, together with our ‘twin’ National Team of Tera Brigasca – Labaj – Riviera dei Fiori and AWF Arma-Sanremo 1998 (sport association and historical collaborator of both Federations) we also remembered the importance of N.F.-Board for the development of football in the local realities.



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