The beers of Seborga was born in the Doller valley in an unspoilt nature of Alsace. There, Christian Fassler, Brewmaster, develops for us our recipes.
Meticulous and demanding on the quality of its water, his choice of malt and its hops he scrupulously follows the ancestral precepts of beers developed by monks.

Christian Fassler offers several types of beers like blonde, white, amber or APIs but he developed a special one for the Seborgan beer with a flavor of absinth.

Several bottle sizes are available. First, a 75 cl bottle of beer of absinth. Then, a blonde beer bottles Seborga “Steinie” of 33 cl and the 2-liter jugs.
The beer was presented to Seborgians in May 2015 and received a positive welcome!

3 flavors of beer: amber, absinthe, blonde

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health, drink with moderation.