The adventure of the under-13 national team of Seborga at the international futsal trophy in Lainate (Milan) is closed with a historical second place! A weekend that represents the highest point ever achieved by one of our representatives able to win the qualifying round in front of great teams like Switzerland and Peru and to give in the semifinals the dream of a match against the United Kingdom obtaining a victory that is undoubtedly one of the most important events in the full history of the Principality. It is not easy to make the idea of what our extraordinary boys have done. Despite only two workouts in a completely different sport from 11-a-side football, a lower average age and a narrower roster than many opponents, the team has been able to unite the heart, discipline, genius and fantasy, embodying all those values that represent the tradition of Principality such as courage, loyalty and friendship. Fantastic final atmosphere with all the Pala Cairoli to sing the name of Seborga! A special thanks to the great Bolivia who supported us from the beginning with the families of our players. Accompanied by FCPS Sport Director Matteo Bianchini and by the Coach of the youth sector Roberto Santamaria the ‘little whiteblue princes’ are Stefano Galli, Tommaso Bellante, Alessandro Angeli, Francesco Cavallero, Andrea Grisi, Tommaso Anfossi, Lorenzo Griguolo, Luca Tripodina, Manuel Romeo and Nicolas Bregliasco.

Here the results:
Group B
Principality of Seborga vs Switzerland 7-6
Principality of Seborga vs Peru 13-0
Semifinals: Principality of Seborga vs United Kingdom 5-3
Final: Principality of Seborga vs Italy 2-13


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