The celebrations of the National Day of the Principality of Seborga took place on August the 20th, 2015!

See the images of that day again with the procession of the statue of Saint Bernard from the church of Saint Martin to the St-Bernard chapel in presence of the Prince S.A.S. Marcello I of Seborga and the official delegation.
The “Embassy of Provence” and the “Corps du Guet et de Bravade” of Toulon (France) also came back to make this event a particular one.

Discover the exclusive images of the royal evening and meal that brought together many personalities. The nomination of the new General Consul for France and the opening of humanitarian relations with ‘Benin Tata Somba’ association were also took place on that evening.

Subtitles in English, Italian and French are available for a better understanding of the passages in foreign languages.


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