The Eco Crew organisation is collecting surplus supplies from superyachts for charities. Operated by Sheila and David Goddard of Environmental Yacht Services, Eco Crew will come to your yacht to pick up surplus or no longer required clothing, bedding, linen and dry foods. The charities they work with guarantee that any materials with yacht names on will not be distributed in the region, but far away. One of the charities that Eco Crew support is Seborga nel Mondo (Seborga in the World), a charity based in the Ancient Principality of Seborga that is surrounded by Italy and overlooks the French Riviera and Monaco. Several times a year they take vital supplies to Moldova, the poorest country in Europe. Eco Crew also work with the Red Cross and Restaurants de Couer. In this video report from we visit Seborga and hear about Eco Crew activity and its work with Seborga nel Mondo.


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