In the now closed Osteria dei Cacciatori, (The Hunter’s Hostel) in the centre of Seborga, is a room with murals restored and designed by the late artist Raphael Gyllenbjorn. Raphael and his wife, the Swedish writer Britt Arenander, lived in Seborga for many years. In this short movie, Britt returns to Seborga and sees this remarkable room for the first time since she and Raphael had left the Principality of Seborga 10 years earlier. The restoration includes expert fresco painting including the Luigini coins produced in Seborga’s mint in the 17th century. There is also an ‘ideal landscape’ painting of Seborga in the neo-classical style of French painter Jacques Louis David and a wonderful door with a trompe l’oeil of a flower vase on a stand. The old Osteria remains closed and along with the open air terrace and stage, would make a marvellous gallery/art-cultural centre for the village of Seborga.


(Report from RivieraLife TV)


Culture, Unusual